The management of Municipal Solid Waste and the desperate
need to find renewable and reliable sources of energy are two
of the most urgent environmental challenges facing our world
today. Recognizing the potential financial opportunities pre-
sented by overcoming these challenges, WSI Management
has development Waste Elutriation Technology over the last
two decades, and now offers The Wet System.

A viable and highly efficient alternative to traditional methods
of MSW management, The WET System is the total solution for
the management and control of MSW that creates a path to
community-based energy independence.

When The WET System is implemented within a community the
need for conventional waste disposal - landfills and incineration -
is nearly eliminated. Additionally, a much higher percentage of
all MSW, almost 90%, is converted back into valuable, reusable
resources and materials.

Through this proprietary process, The WET System cap-tures the most plentiful and valuable component of MSW – the cellulose-based material. Once captured, the cellulose-based material is converted into two distinct forms of clean and re newable energy - high calorific fuel cubes and cellulose feed- stock to be used in cellulosic ethanol production.

A portion of the fuel cubes produced are utilized to produce
steam and electricity, which allows The WET System facility
to be self-sustaining, with little dependence on outside energy sources. The remaining fuel cubes are processed and used for external power generation through gasi-fication. The electricity that is produced is then distributed through the existing power grid.

With the ever-increasing demand for ethanol, the market for
cellulose feedstock for the production of ethanol is already well established. Cellulose feedstock produced by The WET System process is significantly less expensive than the cost of farm based cellulose feedstocks, allowing ethanol producers to be more competitive.

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